Friday, 17 April 2009

Talking about Morocco

Hello my friends! I would like to talk
about Morocco because it´s my country, and I would like to speak to my friends and show something to
Morocco. It's a very warm country
in the summer! But In my summer
holidays I go to Morocco to visit my family.
I live here in kasba de Tadla.

Look, this is Marrakech. It's beutiful!
Marrakech is the second beautiful city in
Morocco, It's big and fantastic!
In Marrakech there were a lot of people
In Marrakech there were
very big and fantastics hotels.
I love Marrakech!

This is Beni-Mellal. Thi is
the one park I like, because there
were a lot of people.And I went to that
park.The park has very povtree.
And have a big fountain.

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